Education Staff: Second-To-None!

Principal, Dr. Keith Rowland
Admin Assistant: Rhonda Reynolds
English: Kari Marks
Math & GED: Amy Wood
G.O.A.L.S, History and Sp. Ed.: Jason Moore
Science & Electives: Heather Skeens
Physical Education: 

 School staff are employees of the Montgomery County Public Schools system. 


The mission of the lnstructional Program of the New River Valley Juvenile Detention Home (NRVJDH) is to provide appropriate educational services to children and youth who are residing in this facility. The education program is tailored to the individual student’s needs and focuses on establishing a positive academic experience. The program utilizes sound research-based instructional practices that fosters individual learning and self-confidence.


The fundamental goal of public schools across the Commonwealth of Virginia is to enable each student, to the full extent of his/her abilities, to develop and apply the skills that are necessary for success not just in school but throughout their life.  It is the goal of this educational program to provide students with the skills they will need to be successful members of society as they transition into life as an adult.

Program Design:

An educational plan will be created for each student assigned to the NRVJDH. This plan will be developed in cooperation with the students’ home school and will be designed to meet specific instructional needs and goals. The plan will also to provide the student with the opportunity to stay on pace for graduation or to earn a General Educational Development Certificate by successfully passing the GED test.

Curriculum and Instruction:

The Virginia Standards of Learning (SOLs) form the core of all educational programs offered at the New River Valley Detention Home. SOL testing will be conducted at the school during assigned testing windows  established by the Virginia Department of Education. Results from these tests are shared with the student and also are submitted to the student’s home school.

For students who are identified as having special instructional needs, their Individualized Education Plan will be followed and accommodations described in the plan will be met. In the event that the IEP needs to be amended or reviewed, that will be done by the appropriately licensed staff at this school.

In addition to the academic course offerings, the school also offers a Post D. program. This program assists students in completing individual goals while providing them with opportunities to obtain OSHA and Career Readiness Certifications. The goal of the Post D Educational Program is to provide students with the knowledge and skills necessary to enable them to have a successful transition back in to their community and to also assist them in becoming productive members of society.

Content Areas and Enrichment:

The Education Program at the NRVJDH offers all course and grade levels in the four content areas of English, Math, Science and Social Studies. Art, Physical Education, Health and GED classes are also offered. Other  courses and electives may be facilitated in collaboration with the NRVJDH staff, the student and the student’s home school. On go¡ng communication with the students’ home school is an essential part ofthe success of the program. All credits, graduation recognition and diplomas are awarded by the students’ school divisions of legal residence.

NRVJDH offers an enrichment program during the last two weeks of each school year. These programs offer students the opportunity to participate in thematic units and special activities. Enrichment activities are provided through the support and assistance of the NRVJDH staff and are not solely a part of the school’s educational program.