The NRVJDH offers an unpaid intern program designed to provide college students with insight into the Virginia Criminal Justice System through observation and limited practical application. Interns observe and participate in every facet of detainee supervision.

The  internship program is designed to provide students at least 18 years old with first-hand experience in the juvenile detention field, and exposure to the criminal justice system.

  • Students from colleges or universities can request participation at any time.
  • Student internships are designed to satisfy the needs and requirements of the college/university and the student.
  • Only one intern accepted per semester (some exceptions).


  • Participation is based upon mutual agreement between the participant and the detention facility. The Superintendent has full discretion and authority to accept or reject any application for participation in the program.
  • A check of local, state and national criminal histories and background investigation will be conducted of each program participant prior to acceptance into the program. Negative information contained in these records may be grounds for denial of the application. Grounds for application denial include, but are not limited to:
    • Criminal conviction
    • Association with known criminals
    • Gang membership, participation or association
    • Participation in other criminal misconduct known to this agency
    • Any criminal or other act that would tend to discredit, bring disrepute upon, or otherwise reflect unfavorably upon the detention center will constitute grounds for dismissal from the program. This includes any acts committed prior to admission into the program or acts committed during participation in the program.

Please submit completed applications to Josh Lovern.


  • July 1 for fall semester
  • Nov. 1 for spring semester
  • March 1 for summer semester applicants

Resumes may be submitted in addition to the application and are encouraged, but will not take the place of the application.