What do the kids eat?

Our food program was created in consultation with a licensed dietitian. The kids get three meals plus three wholesome snacks (usually fruit). The kids often gain weight before they leave the home.

How long do they stay there?

On average, a child is in detention for 16 days before being released by the committing court. We also have a program where the children can be sentenced to detention for up to 6 months.

Who owns the home?

The home is owned and governed by a board that represents the counties of Montgomery, Giles and Pulaski as well as the City of Radford. We are licensed by the Virginia Department of Juvenile Justice, Department of Social Services, Department of Mental Health and Retardation, and the Department of Education, all of which have strict standards of compliance.

Do the kids just sit around all day?

No, our schedule is full of activities for the detainees. Our teachers are employees of the Montgomery County Public School system and follow the regular schedule as other kids in the county. On certain days and times, as well as in the summer when there is no school, our kids have the chance to go outside and play basketball, volleyball, dodgeball, softball as well as many games inside such as pool, video games and many table-top games. Our program also includes a variety of services, such as, vocational and social skill development, substance abuse education, victim sensitivity, anger management, counseling, voluntary religious programs, and medical and mental health evaluation and care.

How old are the kids?

We are licensed for ages 7 through 17, but most of our kids are between the ages of 13 and 16. Once a child turns 18, they are moved to jail that serves their committing jurisdiction. We also hold both boys and girls.

Can I send my child to detention?

No. All children here at the home are placed here by a committing court. In other words, a judge has to send a kid to us. We house children for something as simple as a violation of a court order (not going to school) all of the way to Capital Murder.