As a result of several years of discussion on the part of the New River Valley Concerned Citizens, the New River Valley Planning District appointed a committee in September 1971, to study the need for a Juvenile Detention Commission as per §16.1-315 – 16.1-322 of the Code of Virginia. On December 22, 1971, the New River Valley Juvenile Detention Commission held its first meeting toward establishing a new detention home.  The Commission was made up of appointed representatives from Giles County, Montgomery County, Pulaski County and the City of Radford. The commission faced four immediate priorities:

  1. selection of a site for the home;
  2. commitments from area governments for funds;
  3. submission of an application for Division of Justice and Crime Prevention funds; and
  4. employment of an architect. By the summer of 1972, the Commission had selected a five-acre site off Wades Lane. Montgomery County donated the land at an estimated cost of $42,000.00. The Town of Christiansburg provided utility hook-ups.


The four participating jurisdictions were the counties of Montgomery, Pulaski, Giles and the City of Radford.  They pledged $100,00.00 toward the one-half million-dollar project, the breakdown being 45% – Montgomery County; 28% – Pulaski County; 16% – Giles County; and 11% – City of Radford.  Total D.J.C.P. funds for the project totaled $283, 554.00.

Groundbreaking ceremonies were held in June 1973 and construction began in August 1973.  Construction was completed in August 1974 and the home opened for child care on August 29, 1974 at 0700.

Original staff picture taken in the dining area of the facility. (1974)

The General Contractor was Gallimore, Inc. of Pulaski, Virginia and the architects were Echols-Sparger and Associates of Marion, Virginia. Since then, the home has seen over 8,610 new admissions. In the late 1990s, the home added a gymnasium, a new classroom, bathrooms and storage.

Director From To
Giles Lambert April 16, 1974 December 31, 1987
Robert Hall January  1, 1988 December 1,2006
Colleen French May 1, 2007 February 24, 2012
Joseph Young, Jr. February 25, 2012 Present