Visitation and telephone guidelines

COVID-19 UPDATE: At this time we are asking that you conduct your visit via telephone or video. In the event that you MUST visit in person, you will do so via our non-contact visitation room. Also, you will be prescreened. You can complete the form on-line or in person. To do so online, scan the QR code below (or click on the link).  Just remember not to submit the form until you have had your temperature taken (and enter it into the form) by our temperature kiosk in the lobby.


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It is the policy of NRVJDH that professional visits or telephone calls will not be permitted during meal times, shower time or bed time. In addition, professional visits or telephone calls will not be permitted for 30 minutes following lunch or during mid-day shift change.

Below are the times in which visits or calls are NOT permitted.

Meal Time:
Breakfast: 0710 – 0730
Lunch: Mon – Fri 1120 – 1205,  Sat & Sun 1200 – 1230
Dinner: 1630 – 1700

Parental Visitation:
Sunday: 1300 – 1400
Wednesday: 1800 – 1900

Shift Change:
1445 – 1515

Immediately following dinner 1700 – 1800
Exception: During summer, shower time is 0930-1030

2000 – 0730